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Tuensang Tourism

Tuensang is known for its scenic beauty. The area is surrounded by lush greenery and natural vegetation. The natural beauty of the place is one of the important features of tourism here. The main tourist spots in Tuensang are:


This village is crucial to the Ao community as according to popular belief the Ao ancestors had emerged from Longtrok. Sightseeing could be an important activity here.

Kiphire in TuensangKiphire

Kiphire is home to the Sangtams, Vimchungers, Phoms, and Semas. The scenic beauty of the place is sure to catch the attention of the tourists.


Changsangmongko village is another prominent place in the district. According to the traditional story of the Changs they emerged from Changsangmongko and settled at Changsang. The village is famous for a raised platform named Mullang. It represents the prosperity of mankind. It is believed that the platform was transformed into a public court during the evolution of the world.


In the Tsadang village there are two ancient stones. These stones were constructed in the memory of two friends who used to visit Longtrok.


Noklak is another famous village in the district. The village is inhabited by the Khiamniungan tribes. The tribes are popular for making cane items, artefacts, and handicraft. They are also famous for celebrating the festivals in their distinctive style. The culture of the tribe is also very popular.

Other popular tourist destinations in Tuensang are Chingmei, Cheshorr village, Chare, Panso, Purorr and Sirire.

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